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Motivation to use SCOR (part 4 of x): People (skills)

Mini-series on WHY use the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model?

Here, SCOR and our SCOR-Professional training focus on standards that describe skills or capabilities required to perform a supply chain job and manage a process, providing

  • standard descriptions of supply chain PEOPLE skills
  • associations to experiences and trainings
  • links to standard supply chain Processes
  • links to supply chain Practices
  • examples of application in real life
  • definitions, principles, pitfalls, tips and tricks

This section will help you and your team to determine the needs in building appropriate people capabilities, from Novice to Expert competency levels.

The SCOR model (© ASCM/APICS) was established to help companies unlocking potential to create value for their stakeholders. It remains a powerful tool and methodology for evaluating and comparing activities and performance of supply chains across industries; be they very simple or very complex. The model has been used around the Globe by hundreds of companies, with substantial gains.

And the best way to start? (caution: advertisement ahead!) Just spend three days to get trained from a trusted advisor and SCOR Master Instructor who has been on all sides of SCM over several decades. Our SCOR-Professional Trainings are either public or in-house and can be even customized to your company’s needs. Please contact Michael Ginap and feel free to book a call. I am convinced of the power of SCOR. Happy to share my passion with you.

I thank you in advance for reading further or even distribute this article! Please leave a comment or send me a DM. Let’s share views, and I look forward to discussing your experiences with SCOR!

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…stay tuned for more.

Michael Ginap

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