who trust us:

Some testimonials we are proud of:

“It was a real great experience to have Michael giving SCOR training to a large group of diverse functional interest. Michael is mastering the model and is doing a very good job in getting and keeping his audience exited and motivated at all time.”

VP Procurement, Chemical Industry

“…smart and highly professional supply chain leader. It always is a pleasure to work with him. I personally enjoyed this in the European Leadership Team of te SCC and in organizing the SCC World Event in Munich, where Michael was Chairman and the Head of the Planning Team.”

Principal SCM, Electronics Industry

“Michael is one of SCC’s most demanded trainers and consultants, providing exceptional value for guidance in SCOR implementation from both a wealth of deep experience and from excellent communication and coaching skills. Highly Recommended for support of the best implementations.”

Executive Director, (former) Supply Chain Council

“…an expert in his field but also a great project manager who has a careful and patient approach with people, which is really important when taking them through an important business improvement process. I would recommend to anyone looking for someone to accelerate their supply chain performance. It worked for me !”

Head of Supply Chain UK, Specialty Chemicals Industry

“Great training and incredibly enthusiastic trainer.