About Avineo

[aviː’nɛɒ] stems from ‘avenue’ (for ‘ways’) and ‘neo’ (for ‘new’) – walking new ways to improve.

Avineo is an independent advisory specialized in coaching clients from various industries to go new ways to achieving supply chain and customer service excellence. After decades of practice in logistics services and in SCM in different industries, Michael A. Ginap founded Avineo in 2005 with the mission to provide solutions that unlock the best in his clients organizations.

We start with a strategic view and a top-down approach, and where necessary follow through business process re-design in supply chain, customer service, performance management etc. – bottom-up. Avineo doesn’t do the job for its clients, but provides valuable, thus practical support and solutions that actually work. And because most of the transformation work is executed by our clients’ employees, improvements are far more sustainable.

We believe that in many cases the potential to improve significantly is already with our clients. Avineo offers practical methods that help unfold the client’s true capacities – in people, processes and tools or systems – and actually walk new ways and implement. Typical results are:

Strategy to Action

  • improved business supply chain performance
  • higher customer satisfaction and / or retention
  • less working capital
  • lower operational cost
  • better profitability and RoI’s
  • a further move towards a continuous improvement culture

Avineo = new ways to supply chain and customer service excellence. We coach our clients in balancing supply chains.

Michael Ginap is an authorized SCOR Partner and Advisor for the

Association for Supply Chain Management