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Motivation to use SCOR (part 2 of x): Processes

Mini-series on WHY use the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model?

Here, SCOR and our SCOR-Professional training focus on analysing and designing supply chains in support of business strategy, providing

  • standard supply chain PROCESSES (Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return, and Enable)
  • links to business strategy and to enterprise architecture (EA)
  • links to performance metrics and to best practices
  • links to people capabilities
  • a hierarchy of processes for strategic, tactical, and operational analysis and design
  • examples of application in real life
  • definitions, principles, pitfalls, tips and tricks

This section will help you and your team to start “speaking SCOR”, the language of SCM, and create your own supply chains big picture (macro and micro level).

The SCOR model (© ASCM/APICS) was established to help companies unlocking potential to create value for their stakeholders. It remains a powerful tool and methodology for evaluating and comparing activities and performance of supply chains across industries; be they very simple or very complex. The model has been used around the Globe by hundreds of companies, with substantial gains.

And the best way to start? (caution: advertisement ahead!) Just spend three days to get trained from a trusted advisor and SCOR Master Instructor who has been on all sides of SCM over several decades. Our SCOR-Professional Trainings are either public (next starts in June 2020) or in-house and can be even customized to your company’s needs. Please contact Michael Ginap and feel free to book a call. I am convinced of the power of SCOR. Happy to share my passion with you.

I thank you in advance for reading further or even distribute this article! Please leave a comment or send me a DM. Let’s share views, and I look forward to discussing your experiences with SCOR!

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…stay tuned for more.

Michael Ginap

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