Eindhoven, June 29/30, 2017: diving deep into process mining

The Process Mining Camp is the only conference worldwide that focuses exclusively on the practical application of process mining – “all practice, no preaching”. We joined the community to listen to information-packed practice talks, and talk shop with other process miners.

Not sure yet what process mining is all about? Have a look at the organizers website.

But then, why is Avineo involved? What do we add to this technology? Well, process mining is BPM, but upside-down. In other words it is a bottom-up, efficiency oriented analytics and improvement approach. This is great. Avineo however brings effectiveness to this exercise. Top-down meets bottom-up. This is essential because there is nothing worse than doing more efficient what should not be done at all.

Stay tuned. We are developing this subject further and are looking forward to discuss early insights with you.

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