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Support your Company’s Transformation more effectively – become a SCOR-Professional

Business Transformation is not new.
Digital Transformation isn’t either.

What is new though is the pace and often the unexpected direction from where disruption may hit your company. That is when we see the benefit of using the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Model in practice: it becomes an accelerator for partners along a value chain who “speak the language of Supply Chain Management” with SCOR.

In other words: you will be quicker to adopt.

Sounds like an advantage…? Sure. And it only takes three days to get trained.

SCOR is a proven standard framework integrating processes, performance metrics, practices, and people skills. It also works great in combination with LEAN / Six Sigma and e.g. Outside-In Customer Excellence programs or Process Mining initiatives. We also use it for Blockchain use case development.

Once it has become part of how you analyse and (re-) design your operating models, you should expect tangible results such as our top performers: they achieve

  • a rank in the upper quartile of their industry group
  • an operating income improvement of 3% of sales (high 4,5% – low 1,5%)
  • ~20% improvement on inventory turns and flexibility
  • ~25% improvement in delivery reliability
  • max share growth through effective risk management, and more…

Join us in one of our next SCOR-P trainings.

Hope to see you there!