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REGISTER NOW for one of our SCOR-P trainings in 2020!

How well do you know your supply chains? How many do you operate?

If not entirely sure, spend three days to make any supply chain improvement initiative more effective. Get trained with the best proven approach for Supply Chain Excellence. And take the chance to exercise on your own business scenario during the training.

Of course you are continuously improving your core business already. But at the same time transforming or reinventing it?

If “Digital Transformation” of your business is not already a given standard then we strongly recommend you take three days off and learn SCOR (the Supply Chain Operations Reference model).

Why three days? Because that’s all you need to layout the foundation for managing your supply chains more effectively – with an outside-in perspective.

Hear what SCM leaders and practitioner participants say about the SCOR-P training:

  • “Had I known this before, I would have done a lot of SCM projects much better.”
  • “Now I have a tool kit that helps me sorting out the important from the urgent.”
  • “It’s like a language, once you speak it you can’t imagine how it was before.”

Spend three days on a SCOR-Professional training. Register now for 2020.

Registration ends three weeks before start date. Have more questions? Book a call.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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