Blockchain for Supply Chains: BC4SC

Welcome! This is the intermediate landing spot for our new endeavour.

Are you interested in making Blockchain usable for supply chains? Your supply chains?

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We are forming a platform of experts in the fields of Supply Chain Management, Blockchain Technology, and Science/Academia that bring Blockchain to the “real chains”, i.e. those of…


We look at the networks and true Material Flow – from raw and packaging material to finished goods.


The Information Flow that includes digital or analogue orders, confirmations, routings, contracts, documents, certificates, shipping notes, etc.


All relevant Financial Flows related to products and services, fees, customs, taxes etc.

Let’s sweat the Blockchain in the real world! The plan is to work two-fold:

(1) Development

  • Use Cases

    …for the industrial world, one-to-many or many-to-many network relationships

  • B2B Applications

    …business partners, where trust is often a crucial gap

  • Supply Chain / Value Chain

    …ok, probably more “value webs” with related complexity

  • Technology solutions

    …that work! Secure! Sustainable!

  • Standard Reference Models

    …because we know best.

(2) Commercialization

  • No Frills

    …no nonsense, no hype – but value-add

  • Robust & Repeatable

    …because reliability counts

  • Solving Business Problems

    …positive business case scenarios are a MUST HAVE; we don’t do just because we can

  • Scalable

    …think big, start small, scale fast

  • Plug-and-Use

    …read: customer friendly, ready to use

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